Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Press Conference of Anna Netrebko at the Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel in München

Today, Anna Netrebko has attended a press conference at the Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel in München to promote the "Classic Open Air" concert which will take place at Königsplatz, München on 10. July 2009. The opera diva will share the stage with the Russian baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Valery Gergiev will conduct the Mariinsky Orchestra and Chorus.

Anna talked about her return to the stage after giving birth to her son Tiago on 5. September 2008. "My voice has become bigger, as my body," she said in Munich. Tiago does not cause any problems when they are travelling around the world. It is easy when Erwin (who was also present) is with her, but when he has to perform, she gets help of a Russian "nanny".

She said she is looking forward to the open air concert in München on 10. July with baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky and with one of her best friends, conductor Valery Gergiev and the St Petersburg Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre. It is expected that they will sing the final scene of Eugene Onegin.

Another question was what she does to prevent damage from her voice. She answered: "The most important thing is: Do not sing too much." But sometimes it is difficult to refuse an engagement.

Anna Netrebko: "Singe nicht zu viel", Die Presse.com 26. Mai 2009 [German]
Anna Netrebko in München, Sueddeutsche.de, München 26. Mai 2009 [German]
Ganz München freut sich auf Anna: Anna Netrebko kommt mit Bariton Dimitri Hvorostovsky zum Klassik Open Air am 10.07.2009 auf den Königplatz, Ganz-München.de [German] [Video]
Netrebko: "Bin kräftiger geworden", Heute.at 28. Mai 2009 [German]


  1. Am I the only one who thinks Anna looks very different in these photos?

  2. No, I belive that to! Any way, she will always be a beauty!=) She just looks like a talented happy moom

  3. http://www.ganz-muenchen.de/artculture/open_air/koenigsplatz/2009/anna_netrebko.html

    Here is a video of the press conference.
    She speaks about her likely new repertoire : Faust (Gounod) and maybe Il Trovatore.
    Good news.

    All those flashes when she's speaking. That must be awful.

    We love you Anna !


  4. By the way, may I say that I think she could be a great Amelia in Boccanegra ???

  5. Thanks Anne-Laure. OMG how many photos/per second they did!!!

    Faust was on the future schedule, actually she had said that she would sing in Faust at Opera Bastille with Roberto Alagna.

    I did not know about Il Trovatore.

  6. Yes, I knew for Faust (thanks to your blog) and she may be a fantastic Marguerite. I really hope that she'll sing the aria in the fourth act in the room of Marguerite (Il ne revient pas), because it's very very beautiful (and important for the story too) but unfortunately often cut (many sopranos don't sing it). She could bring us to tears with it...

    For Alagna, yes, that's what was planned... I'm not sure that it's still on his schedule. I hope, but we'll see.


    That would be me in a press conference :))

    I like the sound of Il Trovatore!!!!(Verdi is a bit of a favourite).



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