Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Joseph Calleja replaces Rolando Villazón in the title role of Les Contes d'Hoffmann at the Met

Joseph Calleja will replace Rolando Villazón to sing the title role of Les Contes d'Hoffmann at the Met, in the performances running from 3. December 2009 till 2. January 2010. Calleja, did not confirm this point at the meeting held on 25. Mai 2009 at the Künstlerhaus in München, invited by "Die Münchner Opernfreunde". The Met still has to confirm who will replace Villazón.
Edited on 26. Mai 2009 20:15

A Meeting with Joseph Calleja at the Künstlerhaus in München
Anna Netrebko 2009-2010 Season


  1. juste quelques mots, merçi pour toutes ces nouvelles, c'est avec plaisir que l'on suis les performences de la Diva Anna.un namurois (de namur :=)) fan de Anna.

  2. Stretching the truth a bit here - the Hoffmann has NOT been confirmed officially and Calleja DID NOT confirm this at the "talk", as you well know.

  3. Elisa, Rolando had already announced that he had to cancel all of his performance this year because he had to be subjected to surgery.

    The news, actually I believe that it may be an exclusive, is that the one who will replace him, will be Joseph Calleja.

  4. Thanks for the comment. I have edited the post.

  5. How do you like Calleja? Is it true they are triying to replace Rolando with him, as Anna´s partner? No one dares asking her if she misses Rolando on the stage!? That would be an interesting question!=) I know Rolando and Anna are just friends (or so I belive..., Im just kiding=)), but I imagen it shall be quiet hard for her not to have her friend and "dream partner" next to her on the stage for a hole year!, plus I read she said once "since Rolando and I work togheter, I fell more confident".I love them both! What do you think??

  6. I do not believe there is someone willing to "replace" Rolando by someone else to get a new Dream Team. The chemistry on the stage between Anna and Rolando was great, but unfortunately Rolando has got all those problems with his voice. Now we know that he had a cyst and he needs surgery.

    But there are others wonderful tenors around, such as Beczala, Calleja... which have been singing and will sing with Anna in the upcoming years.

    I like also when Anna is making a series of concert performances with Dmitri or Giordano next year.

    And I hope Rolando will be in full form next year as he has also several performances with Anna.

  7. We all hope so, Cralos!! Belive me, Im sure I looking forward for this more than you are =) jajaa!

  8. I hopo so me too... also why I read the programm of La Scala, and he have to do the Elixir in october 2010 !!! GO ROLANGO GO... Anna you're simply the best!



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