Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Manon Lescaut, Teatro dell' Opera, Rome, 06-03-2014

Manon Lescaut

Teatro dell' Opera, Rome, Italy, 06-03-2014

Review and photos by:
Marie Delannoy

On March 6, I had the chance to see the last performance of Puccini's Manon Lescaut. The attractiveness of this show was explained by the presence only of Anna Netrebko and conductor Riccardo Muti. The staging was very classic as is the Italian public but extremely consistent. A new stage was proposed in each act. The decor is always impressive, Chiara, daughter of maestro does not skimp on the means: tall ship, luxurious gazebo, house suspended with a balcony, beautiful costumes, ... What is unfortunate is that such devices require whenever a break which cuts the enchantment of spectators.

Orchestral conducting was perfect! Muti is a master in the field and the Roman public adores. At the beginning of each act, a standing ovation was reserved for him.

The entire cast was good and fairly homogeneous. But Anna was clearly a cut above. His interpretation of the heroine of Puccini was just perfect. Can not say that it was taking a role as his mastery of song and stagecraft was perfect!

After the show, Anna lingered a little to his fans outside when it is clearly not intended to do so early. She signed autographs and posed for pictures. After that, she went happily walk with tenor eat at a nearby restaurant.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Manon Lescaut, Teatro dell'Opera, Rome, Italy, 02-03-2014

Manon Lescaut

Teatro dell'Opera, Rome, Italy, 02-03-2014

Review and photos by:

After a long break I went to Rome to see "Manon Lescaut" at the Teatro dell' Opera on Sunday.

It was a new procuction, directed by Riccardo Muti's daughter Chiara and conducted by the maestro himself.

Well, the setting was VERY traditional, but I have read that Italians don't like "modern" experiments on their opera stages. I would say: Better an "old-fashioned" production like this than some of these senseless "Regietheater"-operas one sometimes has to endure.

Muti is a genius, and the Roman audience adored him. He was welcomed with ovations at the beginning of each act. BTW Antonio Pappano was sitting in the central box!

The cast - apart from Anna of course - was quite alright. Manon is another new role for Anna, and yet again she seems to have sung and played it many times, because she is simply perfect. After her big aria in the second act there was a tornado of BRAVAs, and the show had to be interrupted for quite some time. Also her death scene at the end was thrilling - she was alone on stage and her presence was fascinating.

After the show she left the house through the stage door, smiled at the crowd waiting for her, but then she walked away with her mobile phone at her ear (see photo below).


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