Saturday, May 2, 2009

Concert Hall, Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg 2. May 2009

Anna Netrebko has performed tonight in a concert held at the Opera and Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. The concert, announced as Valery Gergiev and Friends, was organized on 2. May 2009 on the occasion of Valery Gergiev's 56th birthday.

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My love Анна Нетребко, 2. May 2009 [Russian]



  1. Lucky Valery Gergiev - what a wonderful birthday present!

  2. You know, I read somewhere that Anna has arrived in St. Petersburg at the very beginning of the first part of the concert and sang her E Strano & Sempre Libera in the second part of the concert without any rehearsal. Another TV-news segment you can watch here:
    Apologies for the late info – I was in Wien on 4th May to see and hear Anna singing life for the first time in my life! This was my dream for a long time that finally came true! I was surprised to hear how warm and beautiful her voice sounds – much more different when you listen to her singing life than when you listen to her CD & DVD-recordings! And then the signing – an older man gave her a bunch of lily-of-the-valley, she remembered a Russian song and started singing! It’s useless to say I will never forget this incredible day! I see you already have reviews and photos.
    Kind regards,Violeta

  3. Thank you very much Violetta, for your comments and additional information. I am delighted you dream came true and you saw Anna live for first time and as Violetta in Wien. I have been moved when I read your report during the signing session, while someone gave to her the bouquet of flowers and Anna did started to sing a Russian song... this was a priceless moment.

    Concerning the concert in St Petersburg, as far as I know, Anna arrived quite late to St Petersburg. Apparently, the concert was delayed quite a lot, probably because Anna was not there and they were waiting for her. At the beginning of the concert, the programme was not available to the audience and when people asked if Anna would be there, people from Mariinsky did not were able to give a confirmation.

  4. You know Carlos, I was in Vienna thanks to you!
    I have read Mostly Opera’s publication about Standing-room tickets at the Wiener Staatsoper when it was first published a year ago, but I wasn’t sure it works when Anna Netrebko sings. Many nights I had nightmares that I have traveled 1000 km (thit is exactly the distance between Sofia, Bulgaria and Vienna) just to realize that I have started queuing too late! Some minutes later I realized I was only dreaming! When 2 months ago I read that you have not only tried but succeeded to watch her in Lucia using the same option I was sure I’ll be there on 4th May. At 9:15 a.m. I was 10th on the queue and I was watching this amazing performance from the second raw of the standing area in the parterre! Many thanks for sharing your experience with the readers of your blog. Kind regards, Violeta



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