Thursday, November 6, 2008

La Bohème Film will premiere in UK and Japan

La Bohème film starring Anna Netreko and Rolando Villazón will premiere in London on 19. December 2008 by Axiom Films and in Japan in January 2009 y Star Sands/Theaters Tokyo. The film will be also distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Palace and in Czech Repulic and Slovakia by Hollywood Classic.

List of cinemas, cities and dates, showing La Bohème in UK

'La Boheme' finds homes abroad


  1. Can anyone tell me if this film is only likely to be screened in London and how I could find out where else it is due to be screened??

  2. What about in America? Will it come out here at all?

  3. La Boheme is cuttently being screened in Dublin in December, Ireland the Light House cinema.

  4. Anna Nebretko La Boheme is currently showing at the Appolo cinema Piccadilly Circus lower Regent st London.

  5. The Barbican are screening this till the new year.



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