Saturday, November 8, 2008

Emmanuel Villaume talking about Anna Netrebko

Conductor Emmanuel Villaume talking about Anna Netrebko on the video included in the Limited Deluxe Edt. of the album Souvenirs.

"I have been working with many stars... and Anna is a very, very special artist. And there is something incredible with her, beautiful voice, beautiful person, of course,... but whenever she sings a phrase, it's Anna singing that phrase. And then I am not saying that the ego is in the front, it's just it is totally and immediately recognizable as Anna Netrebko interpreting that song. Very few artists have that ability. She is amazing for that! She is very simple in the way she is working as a colleague. Very demanding for herself, very demanding for the others, but she is giving a lot and so she is getting the best of all the other people"

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