Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anna Netrebko on the cover of German magazine Das Opernglas

Anna Netrebko is on the cover of the December issue of the German magazine Das Opernglas. The magazine includes also an interview with Anna Netrebko in which she talks about her plans for the upcoming years.

Netrebko would like to give priority to family life, her son Tiago Arua and her fiance and father of her son Erwin Schrott, and during the early years their son probably will travel with them. Later on, when Tiago Aruä will start to go to the school, they will have to decide in which country they would like to live. Austria, where they live now is a fantastic option, but Spain also has a good chance.

In order to get more time for her son, Netrebko will reduce also the number of performances to sing, singing 5 or 6 performances of a production, rather than 8 or 9 like she was doing up to now.


  1. Barcelona would not be a bad choice... ;). Nice weather, sea, beaches, great food, nice restaurants, a cosmopolitan city, a brand new airport in 2009,... ;)

  2. Yeah I thought already that you would like it if Anna would live in Spain ; ) But I think she should live in Munich or stay in Vienna ; ) ; )

  3. Hmmm I think she should live in Barcelona.
    I mean Carlos is a man and Anna is a woman.....

    But to be fair Rolando should live in Munich so that Christina has her man and Carlos his woman in their city

  4. I'd suggest her Barcelona. In her shoes I'd not have any doubt and it's not a surprise at all.
    And moreover...if she had to perform at the Liceu she should do nothing but "cross the road". More time to stay with her son. Anna think about it. :p

  5. Hhmm yeah good idea ! Rolando should really go living in Munich ; )



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