Monday, February 4, 2008

Breaking News - Anna Netrebko is pregnant and getting married

Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott are expecting a child in autumn and they are getting married. It will be her first child. She and Schrott became engaged late last year in New York. "We are both very happy that we will be three soon" Netrebko said in a statement.

Netrebko and Schrott have shared the stage in Mozart's "Don Giovanni" several times in the past years. In September/October 2003 they performed as Donna Anna and Leporello at the ROH in London, in June 2006 as Donna Anna and Don Giovanni in Kobe and Tokyo, during a MET tour to Japan, and in June/July 2007 as Donna Anna and Don Giovanni at the ROH in London. On 9. October 2007 they were also together in a "Una Noche de Amor y Pasión" concert in Puerto Rico, conducted by Plácido Domingo.

Netrebko currently shoots in Wien a movie version of Puccini's La Bohème with stage partner Rolando Villazón. She "will keep her engagements as long as her doctors permit it" said her manager, Jeffrey Vanderveen. She is scheduled to perform in Massenet's "Manon," which opens 4. April at the Wiener Staatsoper.

Austrian media said Netrebko was still scheduled to join Rolando Villazón and Plácido Domingo in a concert with the Wiener Philharmoniker on the grounds of Wiener Schönbrunn Palace on 27. June, two days before the capital hosts the final of the Euro 2008 football tournament.

Netrebko was to appear with star tenor Rolando Villazón in Charles Gounod's "Roméo et Juliette" at the Salzburg Festival, but pulled out because of the pregnancy, festival president Helga Rabl-Stadler said Monday.

She has also withdrawn from 10 performances of the Metropolitan Opera's revival of Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor" that begins 3. October 2008, but performances in January 2009 are still on, Vanderveen said Monday in an e-mail to The Associated Press. Her engagement at the Met for 7 performances of Massenet's "Manon", scheduled 15. December 2008 through 10. January 2009, is under discussion, Vanderveen said.

Congratulations and all my best wishes for Anna and Erwin!

Поздравляем Анна!!!
¡¡¡Felicidades Erwin!!!

Star soprano Anna Netrebko pregnant: news reports, DPA,, 4. February 2008
Anna Netrebko announces her pregnancy, AP, 4. February 2008

"We hope that the wedding shall take place in the St. Ilya parish, in Krasnodar, where Anna was baptised" said Yuri Netrebko, father of Anna, in an interview published on Wednesday on the newspaper Tvoi Den (Your Day).
The Father of Opera Star Anna Netrebko Hopes that his Daughter Shall Have Her Marriage Ceremony in Russia, Moscow, 6. February

Updated on 7. February 2008


  1. Me pregunto si a OperaChic le has enviado las reglas Netrebko...jeje

  2. Wow! What a surprise!

    I wish them both the best, both the baby and the engagement (which isn't such a surprise)!

    However, the birth in Autumn seems wrong. I would figure that it has to be late summer maybe.

  3. Parsi, no, no las necesita... ya se las conoce y las aplica perfectamente ;)

  4. !Felicitaciones para Anna y Erwin!

  5. I agree with rock in the pond about the birth date: women can only announce they're pregnant when they are at least on the third month, so Anna's baby should be born by July-August.

    So what do you guys think about Romeo et Juliette in May? Will she still feel strong as to carry on with the performances?

    P.S: Erwin Schrott es uruguayo???
    Y por qué pensaba yo que era alemán? (el nombre no da muchas pistas, claro...)

  6. Since, around, mid-September until mid-October Anna was in NY. Then she was in Europe in November, to go back to NY beginning December until the first week of January. Erwin was in LA since mid-November until mid-December, while he was also in NY since beginning of October until late October. So, we could assume that she should have the baby mid-October+9 (mid-July) or mid-December+9 (mid-September). In the first case, now she would be almost 4-month pregnant, while in the second case she would be less than 2-month pregnant.

    Sí, Erwin es de Uruguay. Ya te conté que hablé con el en español en Londres y lo de la invitación a una copa de vino dulce y pastas!

  7. Hello, everyone!!!

    The happy cupple is in Valencia, now, making... recording sessions for Decca. Read Tarquiniu's own interpretation of the news at

    Congratulations for your blog, Carlos!!!

  8. Alonso, thanks a lot for the breaking news and your kind words.

  9. I think it's your second scenario, Carlos. There is no way that she could possibly be 4 months pregnant. It has to be early to mid September.
    This is technically not Autumn. OK, enough speculating for me. The important thing it that the baby and the parents are healthy and happy.

  10. Hallo
    Does anyone know if Anna will postpone the capuleti opera of Bellini in Paris-June 2008?
    I wanted to go..


  11. Wonderful news. Congratulations to Anna and family.
    Regarding the due date, a woman can know she's pregnant at 4 weeks. They generally wait 3 months before making a public announcement because that's when the risk of miscarriage drops drastically. As long as she's happy and healthy nothing else matters. :)

  12. She is still announced for Capuleti in Paris, but... The problem is that we have to take a decission on tickets next week.

    Hi Susan, nice to see you over here.

  13. i know ....13/2 begins internet selling for capuleti..really i think it is very difficult for Anna to participate...i am in book or not to book..and there isn't any news in her personal site

  14. Sorry, I said Romeo and I ment Capuleti in Paris. What do we do next week, shall we buy the tickets anyway?

    P.S. Carlos, me acuerdo de lo del vino dulce, pero pensé que era porque el chico hablaba español, jeje

  15. Carlos, I peek at your blog from time to time. :)



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