Monday, February 11, 2008

Abu Dhabi 29. March 2008 - Anna Netrebko, Elina Garanca, Erwin Schrott

Anna Netrebko, Elina Garanca and Erwin Schrott will sing in an Opera Gala on Saturday 29. March 2008 at the Emirates Palace Auditorium in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates. Alexander Vedernikov will conduct the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra.

Until tickets are formally on sale and prices announced, to register your interest, you are asked to complete and send a form to the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Festival (ADMAF) organization. ADMAF will process and acknowledge your request.

5th Annual Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Festival, Jetsetters Blog, 12. February 2008
IMG Artists Produces Music and Arts Festival in Abu Dhabi, IMG Artists, 11. February 2008

Thanks to the regular blog visitor Rock in the Pond for providing the updated information and links


  1. Well, now Erwin will join Anna and Elina for this Gala in Abu Dhabi. It looks to be a great Gala. Some of the visitors of the blog come from Abu Dhabi. Anyone will attend the Gala? Some feedback or maybe a recording would be welcome

  2. Anybody knows if the Gala will be broadcasted?

  3. I haven't heard anything, so as usual I'll be scouring ARTE and ZDF. I'll drop a line to IMG but I doubt whether I'll get an answer. Congratulations, also, on getting a ticket to the 24th of May performance - I'm checking every day for a June 2nd / 5th ticket!

  4. I was basically thinking on a radio broadcast, maybe some local radio. I have been trying to get some info on that, but I did not found it. I know there are some visitors to the blog coming from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Maybe is easy for them to know if there is a chance that some radio broadcasting the Gala.

  5. I can confirm that at the moment there are no radio stations in the UAE that broadcast classical music at all. More is the pity.

  6. Thanks anyway for your comment. It is really a pitty because the whole Festival looks to be a big event and it could have a bigger impact for both the Festival and the city. The blohher Attila has announced that he will attend the concert of Anna, ELina and Erwin. If you will attend also the concert or if you live in the area and you have more info it will be welcomed.



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