Friday, February 1, 2008

Anna Netrebko at the Wiener Opernball 31. January 2008

Anna Netrebko, dressed by Escada, attended yesterday night the 52. Wiener Opernball.

Spanish tenor José Carreras sang Vurria by Furio Rendine and Passione by Nicola Valente, two Napolitan songs.

Video: FAZ.NET (01:45)
Video: Walzer und Fußball beim Wiener Opernball, ZDF (03:03)


  1. I loved the way the danced with Carreras.In the interview she said that on Friday 1.February she starts shooting La Boheme.Does anyone know where they are shooting the film and when it will be released? I hope they´ll release it on DVD and Blu Ray.
    Marketing wise I think it should come out with the CD release in May.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the point about the start of the shooting of La Bohème on 1. February. I do not know where is the place, niether when it will be released. But my guess is that, also due to marketing issues, it will be released after -not with- the cd which will be released in May.

  3. "La Bohème" is being shot in Vienna and to my knowledge the movie will first be shown on German television in December.



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