Thursday, January 17, 2008

Breaking News - Anna Netrebko cancels tonight's performance of La Traviata at the ROH

The Royal Opera House has announced today that Anna Netrebko is currently suffering from bronchitis and will not be able to sing the role of Violetta in tonight's performance of La Traviata at the ROH, Covent Garden.


  1. This is terrible. I hope she gets better soon; hopefully by the 26th she'll be ok. I'm sure the fans are upset and I'm equally sure Anna is probably even more so. After such a high on Monday to realize you won't be able to sing and to know that people could have come from far away just to see you has to be stressful. I could never do this sort of work. I wish Anna and her replacement the best.

    Thanks for pointing out the eye-witness accounts on the other post. I enjoy reading those.

  2. I was really shocked when I learn the news about her cancellation. I can understand the feelings of all the people who had tickets for yesterday's performance, as well as the expectation on those having tickets for the upcoming ones. On 20. January, furthermore, Anna and Kaufmann should be at the ROH shop after the matinee performance, to sign cds.



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