Saturday, January 19, 2008

Breaking News - Anna Netrebko cancels tomorrow's performance of La Traviata at the ROH

The Royal Opera House has announced today that Anna Netrebko is still suffering from bronchitis and will not be able to sing the role of Violetta in Sunday's performance of La Traviata. The role will now be sung by Albanian soprano Ermonela Jaho.
Anna Netrebko will be also unable to attend the appearance with Jonas Kaufmann, scheduled after the sunday's matinee performance of La Traviata at the ROH Shop, to sign copies of their CDs.


  1. I'm so sorry she's not feeling better yet :-(
    I hope she gets well in the next days so you can enjoy her on Jan 26 (besides, I want her to be all right).

    By the way, I'm planning to fly to Paris next May to see her as Juliet in Bellini's Capuleti, with lovely Di Donato. Are you getting tickets too, Carlos?

  2. Well I am planning to go to Paris on the saturday 24. or saturday 31. May. Singlet tickets, for those who are not subscribed, are not yet available and they will be available on 13. February on the internet. So on 13. February I will be sticked to my computer trying to get a ticket for the 24. May (as a first option) or the 31. May. Which are your plans?

    BTW, Papagena I sent you a mail to the email address shown on your blog. I was talking about this topic on my mail. Did you check it?
    I am not sure if the email address was right.

  3. I've just read it and answered ;-)

    Yes, that's my address, it's just that lately I haven't checked my mail quite often (I have been so busy enjoying Anna's singing XD )



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