Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Breaking News - Anna Netrebko cancels tomorrow's performance of La Traviata at the ROH

Still bad and sad news from the ROH website. Russian soprano Anna Netrebko is still suffering from bronchitis and will not be able to sing the role of Violetta at the performance of La Traviata on Wednesday 23 January.
The role will once again be sung by Albanian soprano Ermonela Jaho, who stepped into the role of Violetta on both Thursday 17 January and Sunday 20 January, replacing an unwell Anna Netrebko.


  1. Just read about it today - I'm leaving for London tomorrow - my main purpose for going was to see her :-(

    I do hope she will be ok, for her AND for my partner and me, we've looked very much forward to it

    I checked up on her 'substitute' - she seems to be rather good too - but she is NOT ANNA

  2. Yes, Papagena. Now probably I have to wait till friday afternoon or later to know if she will be at the saturday's performance, the one I will be there.

    Gawinskifoto, are you going to London tomorrow? Do you have tickets for saturday's performance too?

    I think there is still a chance for saturday. If not I will have to see her cover. I know most of the people said she was pretty good, but most of us we are travelling just because of Anna.

  3. yes, we have tickets for Saturday - and we really hope, she will be ok - are you travelling from Barcelona to see her?

    we travel from Denmark!

    Nice blog you have here, I'll have a look at the earlier comments some time :-)

  4. Well I saw this girl on Jan.17 performance, since I had tickets to see Anna on two different days and she cancelled the second one. I must tell you that I left after the first act had finished, but I could feel that the public really loved the cover's singing.

    Personally, I left because I couldn't stand any other voice with Anna's incredible singing still in my head, but since that's not your case I'm sure you guys will really enjoy the performance :-)

  5. just been to the 23rd performance. left me pretty unmoved , the notes get sung but i found Ermonelas sound quite gritty and a bit tiring to listen to. Her portrayal just didnt convince me however and that is what was most dissapointing. I had wanted to hear Anna as she went ill when i had tickets for don giovanni last time she came to ROH. Dont know when she will be back as the Met now seems to be her opera house of choice.

  6. Yes I am travelling from Barcelona on friday and I have tickets for saturday`s performance. Thanks for comments.

    Despite that the cover singing did not move Paul, she got pretty good reviews. If Anna is not yet recovered on saturday, I will see how she is, and try to enjoy as much as possible Kaufmann and Hvorostovsky.

    Papagena, I understand that, in this case, the situation would not be the same as yours on 17th.

  7. Sorry didnt mean to put doubts in your mind, just tried to be as honest as i could...actually for me Hvorostovsky was very fine, but for me when the father steals the show in La Traviata ..? Kaufmann, i havent heard before but struck me as quite a cultured tenor, less bluster more of a lieder quality , does that make sense.Reminds me of Alfedo Krauss in some ways, a more cerebral singer. Do enjoy sorry if i said too much

  8. Paul, you do not have to say sorry at all! Thanks for posting your point of view. I have heard before Kaufmann in La Rondine at the ROH and I was very much impressed. At that time I did never heard about him. I am pretty sure it will be a nice performance, but as I said, if I am travelling from Barcelona is because of Anna.



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