Friday, May 6, 2011

BREAKING NEWS - Elina Garanca is pregnant and cancels the premieres of "Anna Bolena" at the Met and "Don Giovanni" at la Scala

The Latvian mezzo soprano Elina Garanca and her husband, the conductor Karel Mark Chichon, are expecting their first child, according to a press release. The due date is late October 2011.

For this reason, Miss Garanca has to cancel the premieres of Donizetti's "Anna Bolena" at the Metropolitan Opera of New York City and Mozart's "Don Giovanni" at La Scala of Milano, both of them starring Anna Netrebko.

Source: Die Presse

Elina Garanca at the Wiener Staatsoper stage door, Anna Bolena, Wiener Staatsoper, Wien 17. Apr 2011. Photo: Helmut Flatscher


  1. Garanca is still announced for Anna Bolena and Don Giovanni. Have to wait to see who will sing those roles.

  2. Barbara Frittoli is singing some of the performances and can probably sing some of the one's Elina is canceling. We should be able to find another good Elvira if she can't do them all. Its a shame Elina can't make it but its still a fantastic cast. (If I'm not mistaken Hartelius and Roschmann are singing Elvira in Zurich and Berlin, respectively, and one of the could dot it. Indeed, given that its the same production as in Berlin and that Barenboim is conducting, Roschmann is the most likely choice).

    The Anna Bolena at the Met will be trickier.

  3. Good point. That looks pretty much reasonable to me. For the Met, I think Angela meade was sharing thr role with Anna. As someone also pointed out, Joyce could be also a choice. On the other hand Joyce replaces Elina in the concert version of Don Giovanni at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden Gala this summer.

  4. Me alegro mucho por Elina, pero que pena no poder ver Anna Bolena en el MET Live HD en octubre en el excelente duo que hace con Anna, uno de los mejores momentos.

  5. Oh - wow!!!Sounds like everyone is having babies. First Anna, then Diana, then Gustavo, then Juan Diego, and now Elina! All our favorite wonderful singers are becoming parents! Wonderful news.



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