Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BREAKING NEWS - Anna Netrebko and Joseph Calleja will not join the Met Tour to Japan

Met officials said on Monday that star soprano Anna Netrebko and star tenor Joseph Calleja will not take part of the Met Tour to Japan 2011. The two stars dropped out at the last minute due to their concerns about nuclear radiation following the March earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant disaster.

Ms. Netrebko has made a public statement posted on her official website. "This was an incredibly difficult decision for me; it was made on a very personal level with a great deal of pain and conflicting emotions." said Netrebko.

Ms. Netrebko and Mr. Calleja only made their intentions known last week, days before the begin of the tour. In a statement, the Met said, "Ms. Netrebko changed her mind because of the emotional weight of having also lived through the tragedy of Chernobyl." Mr. Calleja "also had last-minute misgivings", the Met said.

James Levine, due to health issues, and Jonas Kaufmann also dropped out of the tour some weeks ago.

Barbara Frittoli, who sings the role of Elisabeth in Verdi's "Don Carlos", will substitute Ms. Netrebko as Mimi in Puccini's "La Bohème". Marina Poplavskaya will join the tour to sing Elisabeth, a role she filled during the season in New York.

The Met contacted the tenors Marcelo Álvarez, Rolando Villazón and Alexey Dolgov, and they agreed to fill in for performances by Mr. Calleja. Mr. Alvarez will sing the role of Rodolfo in two performances of Puccini's "La Bohème" and Mr. Alvarez and Mr.Villazón will each sing the role of Edgardo in one performance of Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor". Piotr Beczala already was taking turns in both roles.


  1. Anna, your decision not to come to Japan made Japanese people angry and so much disappointed.
    I think the condition of the nuclear plant problem is completely different compared with the Russian one. Please do not afraid to visit Japan.
    Who did make the advice for you to quit to Japan. Please let me know why?? Real reason!!

  2. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/15072660
    Please be careful to listen to this interview.
    Some are true but some are not true.

  3. Anna?? Why you suddenly did not get on the plain. There is no dangerous in Japan.
    Only the rumor, so you should know the real thing!! And as for the Nagoya, it is completely safe. Please come only for Nagoya!!

  4. KEIKO ryu: Anna Netrebko no es una máquina que canta, es una persona que canta y que siente, con gran sencibilidad. Esta bien claro y comprendemos el motivo que la llevó no ir a Japón, todos conocemos su profecionalismo en el arte de cantar por lo que todos deseamos verla y escucharla. Ella no soportaría que un mal estado anímico interfiriera en brindarle al publico Japonés un brillante recital como los que acostumbra, hay que entender que perdió seres queridos en Chernobyl y siendo tan próxima la fecha del devastador terremoto y tsunami que asoló a Japón con la consecuencia de radiación y conmovió al mundo entero, es lógico, mas siendo mujer y madre, que temió ir a último momento, estoy segura que cuando no haya más duda que no hay radiación, ella ira a deleitarlos así como les promete.

  5. I absolutely support Anna in her decision not to go to Japan at this moment. This is a responsible decision of a responsible professional. I too come from Russia and completely understand her reasons. One should have lived through the Chernobyl disaster to understand our attitude to it. The Japaneese should not be that egoistic and think only about what they want. They have not yet lived through the consequences of Focushima. No one has an idea yet what they will be. It takes years. The Russians have their bitter experience. What good will it be if the singer comes and sings on the edge of her nerves? Why the Japaneese do not want to believe that Anna's reasons are true?
    I personally believe that Focushima disaster is utterly terrible, and we are very sympathetic with the Japaneese, but I do believe that it is dangerous over there right now, and if there is no urgent necessity to go there one should not go. It is much more reasonable if she comes later when the danger is over and gives for example benefit concerts for the victims of Fokushima tragedy.



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