Thursday, March 17, 2011

What was about the announced concert at Salle Pleyel on 31. Jan 2012

On Saturday 12. March 2011 Salle Pleyel was making a public announcement of the new season 2011-2012. Blogger Opera Cake was there during the live presentation and he was posting live the main aspects of the new season. At that point it was announced that Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott were scheduled to give a join concert on 31. Jan 2012. Collecting the information provided live by Opera Cake we published here the available information about this concert.

On Monday 14. March 2011, the new 2011-2012 season was published on the Salle Pleyel website. As it had been first announced by Opera Cake and shortly after here, the season included as one of the highlights the concert of Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott on 31. Jan 2012. I am aware that people had started to book some performances for the new season at this point. The first surprise came when they had booked for a Netrebko/Schrott concert and instead  they got their booking confirmation for a Netrebko solo concert, without Schrott. Just a few days after the official announcement of the new season, Salle Pleyel had modified the information initially provided for this concert, removing the name of Schrott from the concert, while keeping just Netrebko. No further details of the concert, such as the orchestra, piano player or the programme, were given.

On Wednesday 16. March 2011 I got a first reliable information that in fact nor Schrott, nor Netrebko had this concert in their schedules. All the alarms were on! I asked Salle Pleyel to confirm Netrebko's concert on that date and I got their confirmation through their official Facebook site. Further confirmations came to me on the opposite way and, at that point, I was able to absolutely confirm that neither Netrebko had this concert on her schedule. I wrote an email to Salle Pleyel let them know that according to the reliable information I had, the concert they were still announcing was not on Netrebko's schedule. No answers yet from Salle Pleyel about this point. In fact at that moment they still have the concert announced as it was.

According to the information I have Netrebko would be scheduled at Salle Pleyel for a later date.

Meanwhile, Schrott has been confirming all those points through his twitter account: "Anna will be performing at Salle Pleyel later on, but not on that dat,. I'm affraid. Their mistake, not ours"


  1. Something similar happened with her announced concert with Vittorio Grigolo in Dresden last year. I was aware well in advance, several months before the concert, that this concert was NOT on Netrebko's schedule. I wrote to a contact email of the Dresden concert asking them to confirm the concert and they did it. I wrote them back to let them know that the information I had was that this concert was not on Netrebko's schedule and they confirmed once again the concert, telling me that they had signed the tv broadcast. What finally happened you already know, right? Few days before the concert they announced that Netrebko had been substituted by Mojca Erdmann, which at the end of the day was ill and was subsituted by someone else I don't remember the name now. All the press announced that Netrebko had withdrawn of this concert, while the TRUE was that she had never signed for.

  2. Hi Carlos,

    I'd be surprised [that Pleyel messed up that badly] but surprises are always possible ;)

    In case they screwed up, they would have to contact all the subscribers, provide an alternative and/or reimburse the difference since this concert is one of the top priced ones. That's too much work and money to waste... but hey, we've seen more stupid things happen so...

    Anyway, I just mailed you 2 pics so you can see what is given in the printed program I've blogged about.


  3. C ' est ce que l'on apelle des négociations, encore quelques $$$$$$$$$$ et Schrott sera présent à la date voulue.
    Cela n'a rien à voir avec la musique.
    Best regards

    J'aime beaucoup : "En raison d'un changement dans le calendrier de concert des artistes, la soirée du 31 janvier 2012 produite par Céleste Productions est annulée, sans date de report."
    Comme si c'était de la faute des chanteurs en fait qui avaient mal géré leur calendrier !
    Alors qu'ils n'ont jamais été contactés par les organisateurs en réalité. Formidable.
    pas de date de report. J'espère que le concert à Pleyel prévu et dont parle Schrott n'est pas seulement le Stabat mater prévu le mois prochain et qu'il y a bien quelque chose d'autre prévu pour la saison 2011/2012...

  5. Thanks AL for the link and the comments. Meanwhile Schrott has published a note about this topic on his official blogsite:

    According to Schrott, Pleyel has announced their concert while they or Celeste had not even contacted them. Furthermore the concert was produced by Celeste and UMCMP and it is obvious that UMCMP were neither aware of this concert.

  6. Now the Salle Pleyel website states:

    "Le concert annulé du 31 janvier 2012 associant Anna Netrebko et Erwin Schrott est produit par Universal Music/ Classical, Management and Productions et Celeste Productions/Les Grandes Voix qui ont loué la Salle Pleyel à cet effet.
    Ces deux producteurs ont décidé d'annuler ce concert, sans date de report. La Salle Pleyel prie ses abonnés de l'excuser pour cette annulation dont elle n'est en rien responsable.".

    Wonder if they're ever going to reimburse those of us who already bought tickets for the event....

  7. Yes, of course.
    Pleyel always gives the money back on those cases.
    You just have to call or e-mail them.



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