Monday, April 27, 2009

Anna Netrebko will be at the baptism of the first cruise ship of TUI Cruises in Hamburg on 15. May 2009

Opera star Anna Netrebko will attend the baptism of the cruise "Mein Schiff", the first cruise ship of TUI Cruises, which will take place at the fish market in Hamburg on 15. May 2009.

The shipping company has announced this Monday that Anna Netrebko, accompanied by the Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, will sing the premiere of the company's anthem "Ocean of Love".

The appearance of the 37-year-old soprano at the ship's baptism is, according to TUI Cruises CEO Richard J. Vogel, also the prelude of a long-term cooperation with the opera star. TUI Cruises sponsor the Open-Air concert of Anna Netrebko and Dmitri Hvorostovsky at the Königplatz in Munich on 10. July 2009. TUI Cruises is also supporting the singer in their commitment to an SOS Children's Village in Russia. The newly formed TUI Cruises, based in Hamburg, is a joint venture between TUI AG and the U.S. shipping company Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd.

Anna Netrebko kommt nach Hamburg, 27. April 2009


  1. I really love Anna, but I think that this kind of idea is very bad and quite weird.
    I wouldn't like to be an opera snob or a fanatic who hates cross-over, but she shoudn't sing this kind of (sorry) crap, or have such publicity contracts obviously only for money ! Moreover, that makes an other point against her for all of her detractors.
    I'm very confused about that.
    She deserves much better than this.


  2. pas d'accord avec vous, cette musique est tres belle et surtout pas de la merde comme vous dite.quand aux detracteurs,ils serront toujour detracteurs quoi qu'elle chante.perso j'aime cette chanson. bien a vous



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