Monday, February 21, 2011

Anna Netrebko will not be in Puccini's "La Bohème" at the 2011-2012 Liceo's Season

Right now there is a press conference at the Liceo of Barcelona presenting the 2011-2012 Season. The first news we have are really bad and the Liceo is on the way to become a second rank european opera house. A 15% budget cut has been applied for the next season and no performances will take place in September.

We were looking forward to confirming if Anna Netrebko and Roberto Alagna would star in a new production of Puccini's "La Bohème" as it was announced by Carlo Colombara a few days ago. Unfortunately now we may confirm that it's not true and Anna Netrebko and Roberto Alagna will not perform in that new production of "La Bohème".

2011-2012 Liceo's Season


  1. Last news confirm that the upcoming season will be a really low-level season, full of non interesting rare new opera performances and low level artists, except a very few names, nothing spectacular nevertheless.

  2. Instead of opening with a staged Faust, as it was expected, they will open the season with a concert performance of some Faust excerpts!!! Not even the full opera!

  3. Who's in Adriana Lecouvreur?
    And I heard that Florez will sing in Linda. Is it true?

  4. One single performance of La Boheme with Netrebko and Alagna would have been better that 18 avoidable performances...

  5. Adriana is the co-production with London. I don't know who will be, but I don't expect Angela, otherwise it would have been commented. Not sure about Florez in Linda, but he has a recital. Recitals are good and they include Florez, Pape and Stemme.

    And I forgot to comment that prices will be higher for the best seats and the most demanded operas... I don't think it will be a most demanding opera...

  6. So Colombara were you joking or what???

  7. It's not Angela. That's for sure. She'll go to Vienna and San Francisco as she declared in an interview.
    I read on Roberto's website that he'll be Maurizio.

  8. I feel very sorry for the people who are looking forward to see Anna's Opera in Barcelona. I hope she will sure to come to Japan in June.



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