Monday, December 20, 2010

Anna Netrebko in Donizetti's "L'elisir d'amore" at the Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg on 24. Jan 2011

Anna Netrebko will sing the role of Adina in a Laurent Pelly's  performance of Donizetti's "L'elisir d'amore" at the Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg on Monday 24. January 2011. The conductor will be Luciano di Martino.

The Mariinsky Theater website announced on 18. Dec 2010 two performances of Donizetti's "L'elisir d'amore" on Monday 24. and Tuesday 25. January 2011. Details of the casts were not yet provided at that time. Nevertheless, as it is usual there, tickets for the premiere on Monday 24. January 2011 are already available. The price of the tickets, two or three times the usual ones, indicated that, most likely, Anna Netrebko will sing the role of "Adina" on this performance. Tickets for the second performance on Tuesday 25. January 2011 were not yet available at the Mariinsky Theater website.

On 20. Dec 2010, the balletandopera website announced that Anna Netebko would sing in both performances and they had tickets available for both dates. They announced also that it will be a concert performance and not a new staged poduction as it had been announced some time ago by Anna Netrebko.

The day after, 21. Dec 2010, the second peformance has dissapeared from the balletandopera website. It is still announced on the Mariinsky Theater website, but tickets are still unavailable.

On 22. Dec 2010, the Mariinsky Theater website confirmed that Anna Netrebko will sing on 24. Jan 2011 but no additional information is povided yet for the second performance and tickets remain unavailable.

The russian version of the Mariinsky website announces that it will not be a concert performance but a staged one directed by Laurent Pelly.


  1. Hallo Carlos! Why concert performance? The Mariinsky web site in Russian announces a proper performance, director Laurent Pelly, co-production with Covent Garden and Opera de Paris (below). The fact that it will take place in the theatre and not in the concert hall also speaks for the staged version.

  2. Thanks Victoria. Well, as you can read in the post, different informations have been provided on the Mariinsky website and the Balletandopera website. Right now I have checked again the Mariinsky website using your link to the russian version and as you says there it is stated that it is Laurent Pelly production. In that case I guess it will not be a new production as Anna said some time ago in an interview, but the same one staged in Paris with Anna and, more recently, in Milan with Machaidze. On the balletandopera website it was announced a concert version and on the english version of the Mariinsky website no info about this point is given.

    For the 2nd peformance it's still not clear what happens. Anna is not abnnounced on the Mariinsky website for this one, tickets ae not available and the perforrmance has dissapeared from the balletandopera website.

    So, as a summary, my apologies but it's not an easy task to try to povide up-to-date information of Russian events.

  3. The post has been corrected and updated with the info provided by our friend Victoria. Thanks again!

  4. I don't think Anna will sing two performances on two consequent days, she really takes care of her voice. I have my ticket for Jan.24 :) and shall keep you informed on the event.

  5. I agree with you Victoria. I don't thin Anna will sing on 25. Jan. Nevertheless, I don't know why prices are not given on the website and this performance has dissapeared from the balletandopera after having being announced and with the same pices...

    Glad you got a ticket for the 24! I am looking forward to hearing something from you about that performance.

    Merry Christmas!



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