Friday, January 30, 2009

Anna Netrebko on The Huffington Post, 30. Jan 2009

Patricia Zohn plots an intimate and personal profile of Anna Netrebko and her baby Tiago at their New York home appartment, very close to Lincoln Center, in the article Anna Netrebko: Opera Babe and Her Babe. Photo courtesy of Sean M. Gross.

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  1. If you want to know which are the 10 things Anna thinks “men should know about women” click here: Well, this is not sth new – the Russian magazine Esquire has published this in its 9th issue, (№ 41 it the current one) and probably some of them are not valid anymore. Nevertheless, if you are still curious, here they are in English:
    1. We love compliments even though we know half of them are pure lies.
    2. Be jealous – this is the easiest way to prove your love.
    3. Present women jewelries – they “warm” us. I say it because no one has made me such presents. Fools…
    4. Every woman looks for a man who is a leader. Not many of them succeed. A foolish woman continues searching; a smart one allows the man to feel as he is the leader though she knows well the leader is she.
    5. It is taken for granted that every man thinks primary about sex when watching a woman he is interested in. Well, sex is not the last thing women consider as well.
    6. Pretending is acceptable at the time of “love games”. In all other cases try to be yourselves. We appreciate it.
    7. Lying is wrong. But sometimes the results you obtain after telling the truth are terrible, so you’d better lie than tell the truth.
    8. All kinds of presents are welcomed as proof of your attention. Just do not beguile us – we easily get used to good things.
    9. Men should consider women’s shortcomings as: sth that should not be excused; sth difficult to reconcile; sth that you can rescue only if you can get rid of the woman, but this is not an alternative as well. Men simply have to bear them.
    10. Unfaithfulness is annoying. So, if it is possible to keep us not informed it is worth doing it.



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