Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anna is Back!

After taking a 6-month break from opera to give birth to Tiago Aruä, her first son with bass-baritone Erwin Schrott, Anna Netrebko returns for her Met debut in the title role of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor on 26. January 2009.

The Met site has just published a recent interview with Anna, in which she talks about her return to the stage and her thoughts about Lucia.

"I didn't open my mouth at all. I just started practicing in November. I thought my voice would be wobbling. But no, no–it was there. I immediately sang the whole role of Lucia! I was curious how my voice would be, because I know of sopranos who have lost their voices after giving birth. But it seems like it was exactly the same as it was before. I started to sing like I had never stopped. The only thing that was different was that I got tired quickly. But that's normal. Like a sportsman, you need to train the muscles"

"The first time I heard Lucia I thought, Oh, my God, how can anybody sing that? No way. But later I tried it, and immediately, from the first phrase, it felt so good"

"You have to be able to act, you have to be able to move... That said, I was once at a performance of Lucia at the Vienna Staatsoper, with a wonderful soprano, Edita Gruberova. She doesn't really act–she's a singer. And I have to tell you, that was one of the most amazing Lucias I ever saw. She was just standing and singing, and it was incredible. She blew me away with her singing"


  1. Anna is always so honest, modest and kind to her colleagues in her interviews.
    That's a part of what makes her so special. She is not only a fantastic artist but also a very nice and wonderful human being, by all means.


  2. I am a regular visitor at your blog and I want to say thank you for all the information that you are giving me in time. Now it is my turn to send you something interesting. I found it in a Russian newspaper/magazin. Follow this link:
    Nice family picture!!!!!
    And now my English translation done especially for your blog.

    Anna Netrebko shows her son
    24 December 2008

    At the beginning of September the famous opera diva and Vladimir Putin’s favorite singer gave birth to her son in a clinic in Vienna.
    Three months later her father Jurii Nikolaevich Netrebko has visited her daughter and tells the story of the star-family.
    “The boy is already 3,5 months older but stands well the flights between Austria and USA, does not stand loneliness only. There is not need to play with him, the most important thing is just to be in the same room with him then he can quietly do something, mumble or kick.” –tells to “Argumenti I fakti” the happy grandfather.
    According to his words, Anna is “just a super mother”. He levels her motherhood with her singing. He has brought her 2-volume book with advices for young mothers. “Anja says the book helps her to manage with the baby and Erwin cooks as they have no special servants.” – says the proud father.
    According to Anna’s confession, she has understood that Erwin will be a fantastic father after seeing his tender communication with his daughter from a previous relation. In addition, Erwin has attended the birth of his son.
    Despite all happiness of being a mother Anna intends to get back to her favorite work at the beginning of January 2009. She has always said that it is quite difficult for a singer to have children and has confessed that she is happy to not have to look for a baby-sitter who has to travel with her everywhere. “I can not get up at 6 am in the day of a performance” – has Anna previously said.
    Her father says Maestro Gergiev has phoned him right after his arrival at home in Krasnodar. “He was asking for Anna and if her future plans has changed. She will sing for the first time at the Mariinsky Theater in the middle of January. It can happen she comes home in Krasnodar afterwords with Erwin and Tiago. Simply and without ulterior motive.” - ends the excited grandfather.

  3. Thank you so much for the nice photo and the english translation! Tiago looks so cute!



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