Monday, July 28, 2008

Anna and Erwin after the premiere of Mozart's Don Giovanni at the Salzburger Festspiele

Anna Netrebko was at the premiere of Mozart's Don Giovanni at the Salzburger Festpiele on Sunday 27. July 2008, where Erwin Schrott sang the role of Leporello. After the performance Anna and Erwin were at the M32 restaurant in Salzburg.

Anna Netrebko und ihr Liebster turteln in Salzburg,
Salzburger Festspiele - Die Zeit der Partys hat begonnen, 28. Juli 2008
Die Zeit der Partys hat begonnen, Salzburger Nachrichten 30. Juli 2008
Anna Netrebko ist kugelrund & sexy wie nie, 30. Juli 2008


  1. Beautiful and sexy as always!
    And she knows how to sing! The very best at the moment, no one like her!
    Big big fan here.

  2. I am also a big fan and I've been visiting your Blog for information and photos.
    Which are your sources?

    Long live Netrebko!

  3. Thanks operalover. My sources are, basically, the same ones anyone may have. For this post the souces come from the 3 articles (in german) linked in the post. I use to have mails from regular readers of the blog, sending links, news, photos... and they are very much appreciated.

    Sources mainly come from internet through press agencies, on-line magazines, forums, blogs, webs, etc. Also through journals, magazines, friends, contacts, etc.

  4. Carlos

    Thank you for the information. I'd like however that you'd be more specific about names (agencies, on-line magazines, forums, etc) just for my private use.
    I started a Blog yesterday but I don't want, by all means, to be in competition with yours.
    I'd be honoured with your visit.

  5. Well, basically everything is on the blog. On the right handside you may find links for Photo Agencies, Opera Houses, Radio Broadcasts, VIP packages and tickets agencies, press links, etc.

    On the blog I talked also about the russian forum (in russian) forumklassika (links on the posts). I use to follow some of the posts there and it has been a source. Other forums I have mentioned on the blog are some opera related french ones (see posts or comments related to Capuleti in Paris with Joyce Di Donato).

    You may follow the links posted on the blog for other sources, mainly on-line magazines or journals, sometimes in german or russian. You can save the links and visit them regularly.

  6. Thank you very much, Carlos.
    I found your Blog not long ago and still didn't have the time to see it in detail.
    That's something that will come with repeated visits.
    Count me in.



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