Sunday, May 4, 2008

Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca quit IMG Artists

On 11. March 2008 we knew that Jeffrey D. Vanderveen had resigned as Senior Vice President and Director of the Vocal Division in Europe at IMG Artists. A few days or weeks later, any reference to the IMG Artists website was removed from the Anna Netrebko's official website and new contact management references were added. Nevertheless, the names of Jeffrey Vanderveen and Anna Netrebko still were on the IMG Artists website... until a few days ago, when the IMG Artists website data concerning the management of the company has been completely renewed and the list of vocal artists has been updated. Taking a look at the vocal division artists, one may realize that now Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca do not appear anymore on their list.

Update on 5. May 2008
Written by Rock in the Pond
Apparently IMG had been in the works to acquire J.F. Mastroianni and Associates for some time. They announced that they had acquired Mastroianni a couple of weeks ago. Jack Mastroianni, as part of the deal, would be made head of the Vocal Division, essentially Jeffrey Vanderveen's job.

The rumor, and this is only a rumor, is that Jeffrey found out his position was on the line as part of this attempt at an acquisition of a rival company and decided to look elsewhere.

This next part is not a rumor. Jeffrey was hired by Universal Music Group (Deutsche Grammophon's parent company) to head a division for special events. Anna and Elina left at this time. To me this makes sense because, generally, artists make a relationship with their manager not their management company and artists will leave one company when their manager leaves. Interestingly, Anna has not added any new manager to her website. The ones on her website are the press representatives she's always had.

Now, to make things more interesting, IMG is upset to have lost Anna and Elina. They have filed a lawsuit against Jeffrey and another manager and also with Universal Music, basically saying they had no right to take Anna and Elina and they want their "property" back and all the money they will lose.

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