Saturday, April 5, 2008

Anna Netrebko - Opera Arias - Deluxe Edition

In September 2003 DG released the first CD of Anna Netrebko "Opera Arias". The DVD "Anna Netrebko - The Woman, The Voice", using some of the same audio recordings of the previously released CD with pop-like style videoclips, was realeased in May 2004.

Now DG announces the release in April 2008 of a Deluxe Edition of her best-selling debut CD "Opera Arias", including a bonus DVD containing five music videos from "The Woman - The Voice" plus a full-colour booklet. In fact, there are six tracks in the DVD, but the aria "Crudele!-Ah no, mio bene!" - "Non mi dir, bell'idol" from Donna Anna in Don Giovanni is twice. You do not believe me? This is not a joke. Take a look at the DG website.

I think that a commercial action such as the release of this Deluxe Edition is not a good idea. Something similar happened with the Deluxe Edition of "Duets" of Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazón. On the other hand, there are several new Netrebko releases in the upcoming months. The CD of La Bohème will be released in May 2008 and two DVDs, Manon from Berlin UDL Staatsoper with Rolando Villazón and the concert Gala Mozart at 250 from Salzburg with various artists, will be released in June 2008. Furthermore, the DVD of the film version of La Bohème and a new CD will be realeased in a near future.

Therefore, with all these already announced new releases and the expected ones, why the release of a Deluxe Edition of "Opera Arias" collecting already released material?. If the Deluxe Edition includes a few unreleased videos, as it was the case for the "Duets", it can be even worst, as many people has already bought the first CD and it is not fair to have to buy the same CD again just to have the bonus DVD with a few videoclis. I hope that this will not be a rule for the upcoming DG Anna Netrebko's CDs.

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