Friday, March 4, 2011

Netrebko, Schrott and Cura will perform at the Crystal Ball in Bratislava on 5. Mar 2011

Anna Netrebko, Erwin Schrott and José Cura will perform at the Annual Crystal Ball which will be held at the Slovak National Theater, Bratislava on 5. March 2011.

The participation of the Russian diva in this event has been possible thanks to a 80,000 EUR personal contribution provided by Boris Kollár (45).

Netrebko and Schrott are now on their way to Bratislava for a rehearsal.

The proramm includes the duet "Lippen Schweigen" from Lehár's "Die lustige Witwe" (Netrebko/Schrott),“Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiss” from Lehár's "Giuditta" (Netrebko) and the tango "Rojotango" from Ziegler (Schrott).

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  1. Anna was wearing a stunning red gown



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