Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Link to the Anna Netrebko's Blog at the Joseph Calleja's Official Website

I first met Joseph Calleja on stage at the end of the premiere of La Bohème this year in München, where he sang some outstanding performances as Rodolfo, with a no less outstanding Anna Netrebko as Mimí.

Shortly after this first meeting, Joseph told me that he had given instructions to his webmaster to add a link to this blog in his official website. I have to say that I was deeply honoured with such a kind decission and even more when I read what he wrotes there: "A great blog dedicated to a great artist run by my friend Carlos!". Thank you Joseph for being such a great artist and such a nice and friendly person.

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  1. Fantastic! Many congratulations Carlos - this is very well deserved recognition of your excellent blog. Full marks also to Joseph Calleja - a wonderful gesture.

  2. Congratulations Carlos! - Joseph Calleja knows a first class blog when he sees one. ;-)

  3. Te lo mereces!!!

  4. catherine la parisienneSeptember 9, 2009 at 9:06 PM

    Toutes mes félicitations !

  5. Congratulations, Carlos!
    I think your blog deserves all the praize in the world, but it is so nice to hear it from someone like
    Joseph Calleja!
    Love his voice - saw him live in Rigoletto at WNO!

  6. Fantástico, Felicidades, Carlos! Como ya dijeroan: te lo merecés! Gracias, Joseph!



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