Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Breaking News - Rolando Villazón withdraws from Carmen in Wien in 2010 and is replaced by Massimo Giordano

Rolando Villazón has canceled his participation in Carmen in Vienna in May 2010. He said in an interview with the Austrian magazine NEWS that he wanted to plan his comeback very carefully, and the role of Don José would not be appropriate.

Massimo Giordano will replace Rolando Villazón as Don José in Carmen in Vienna in May 2010.

Rolando Villazón sagt 'Carmen'-Premiere ab: Hätte am 3. Mai 2010 stattfinden sollen, NEWS, 17. June 2009 [German]
Wiener Staatsoper: "Carmen"-Premiere 2010 ohne Rolando Villazón, Der Standard, 17. June 2009 [German]
Villazon cancels 2010 `Carmen' premiere in Vienna, San Francisco Chronicle, 17. June 2009 [English]
Rolando Villazón no interpretará "Carmen" en 2010 en la Ópera de Viena, ABC, 17. June 2009 [Spanish]

Anna Netrebko 2009-2010 Season

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  1. I was planning to go but i was almost sure Rolando will cancel. But still... Anna/Elina/Massimo...". I think it's worth a flight ticket and 1 night of accommodation. Anybody planning to go?

  2. Of course! I am planning to go to Wien, at least for Carmen.

  3. I am planning too ... it will be myself present for my "LAUREA"... I hope ! ahhahahah

  4. Really bad news :
    Rolando AND Anna have cancelled the Idomeneo that was scheduled in Paris (January/February) !!!
    Rolando will be replaced by C. Workman and Anna by T. Iveri.
    (I would say a very disappointing re-cast by the way : shame to the ONP !).

    The cancellation of Rolando is linked with his surgery, but the ONP didn't explain why Anna is cancelling her Elettra !
    I'm so disappointed ! I was dying to hear her in this role !!!




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