Thursday, December 18, 2008

Michael Güttler will not conduct Lucia di Lammermoor at the Mariinsky Theater

Conductor Michael Güttler was scheduled to conduct a new production of Lucia di Lammermoor at the Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg on 14. and 17. January 2009 featuring Anna Netrebko in the title role. The performance on 14. January will be Anna's first performance after her baby pause. Some full rate tickets are still available.
Updated on 20. Dec 2008

Updated on 9. Jan 2009
Keri-Lynn Wilson conducts Lucia di Lammermoor at the Mariinsky Theater

The performances of Lucia di Lammermoor on 14. and 17. Jan 2009 have been now removed from the Michael Güttler's schedule on his website. Keri-Lynn Wilson will conduct those performances as it is currently announced on the playbill of the Mariinsky Theater website. Note that, there are 5-day to go for the premiere and the cast still has to be announced on the Mariinsky website. Nevertheless, a banner announcing the participation of Anna Netrebko has been included on the main page.


  1. Well... according to the schedule shown on Michael Güttler's site, he should conduct those performances. I found now a web page from Mariinsky in which it is announced that the conductor would be Keri-Lynn Wilson... and the cast TBA... The production is a new one by John Doyle. Tickets not yet available at the Mariinsky web site. Any one has more info on that...

  2. I tried to give you some more information for this performance yesterday but my e-mail failed. If you are interested to buy tickets for Lucia please follow this link: or
    As you can see tickets are still available but too expensive.

  3. It is amazing the difference of prices betweem the performances with Anna and those without her. Best seats with Anna 18.000 RUB (460 EUR), without Anna 3.200 RUB (82 EUR)!!!

  4. I agree, the price differences are just unbelievable !

  5. It's amazing! The playbill website of the Mariinsky has been updated to include the name of Anna Netrebko playing the title role of Lucia di Lammermoor! Just 2-day before the performance! And the rest of the cast is still to be announced! They were not sure that Anna will sing the title role until today? Obviously I know that her name is the key one of the cast (just take a look to the price of the tickets when Anna is singing and when she is not singing), but it would be nice to know the rest of the cast too. If any of our readers from St. Petersburg, Russia or any other nation knows the rest of the cast, I would appreciate if he or she may share this info with us. I would like to properly update my AN performances database... Thanks



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